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CCP is the world's greatest threat: top US intelligence official; Dominion's ties to China[21:53]
Expert reveals why China is afraid of Trump; Over 1,000 Chinese researchers with hidden ties fled US[18:51]
US condemns CCP's fake photo of Australian soldier;10,000 victimized by companies protected by CCP[20:34]
Man ignites gas tank to protect home in China; CCP members interrogated by US officials: report[21:34]
Chinese celebrities struggle to survive under CCP's rulings; US blacklisted more Chinese firms[21:32]
Three Gorges Dam's hidden function raising questions; Dominion's connection with China explained[18:23]
Anger erupts as landlords drive out tenants across China; Apple moves assembly lines out of China[18:15]
China's Xi breaks silence, sends message to Biden; Beijing claims all poor counties 'out of poverty'[20:45]
40+ cars crash in Chinese city, causing huge fire; China's companies are in deep crisis[20:54]
China’s ‘domestic economic cycle’ problem; Airbnb top executive resigns over concerning China ties[19:43]
Wealthy entrepreneur sentenced to 20 year; 500 police evict residents, demolish homes[19:47]
World powers threaten China; Xi Jinping's new title; another billionaire arrested[20:56]
Pipe leak or excuse to cheat? Georgia Voting Scandal; Illegal Ballots Produced To Stop Trump[7:44]
Trump’s Hard Path To Fight Back?; PA Judge Stands Against Pressure To Uphold Law and Order[10:42]
NTD special coverage of marches for Trump (Nov. 14) | China in Focus[25:16]
Communist China's ties to US riots exposed; Exclusive: new evidence of China's coverup[25:28]
Tons of secret docs ordered destroyed; Famous Chinese publisher detained; Xi's secret thought leaked[25:41]
Xi Jinping copies protester's slogan; Exclusive: document reveals how CCP manipulates public opinion[23:38]
Famous anti-CCP YouTuber shot twice; Police officers in China protest against their chief[24:59]
Chinese consulate destroying documents?; China's employees crawl in public as punishment[26:30]
5 earthquakes in 1 day; Severe floods in China; Houston China consulate epicenter of theft: official[29:58]
China opens dam floodgates, 200,000 affected; China retaliates, shuts down US consulate in Chengdu[30:57]
Food prices soar; China issues severe flood warnings;Pompeo tweets Winnie the Pooh—message to China?[30:22]
6 quakes hit China in 2 days; Three Gorges Dam hit its limit: experts; China lake looks set to spill[27:30]
Zoom shuts down activists' accounts; China prison emptied for Hong Kong protesters: source[17:32]
China ties get Ex-Harvard prof indicted; Student shocked about CCP truth; Virus follows CCP ties[30:25]
Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook | Special Report | China in Focus[34:44]
Special Report: The Coronavirus Pandemic's Wall Street Connection | China in Focus[27:22]
1st documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus[54:08]
Full movie: ‘Claws of the Red Dragon’ exposes connection between Huawei and CCP | China in Focus[54:14]
200,000 fake ballots delivered; Election fraud: a systematic project? |Deep Dive[15:04]
Barr's shocking statements: Justice system not your fix-all?| Deep Dive[8:21]
Will the future US be Venezuela? Smartmatic's curse of socialism, Consequences of Election Fraud[9:26]
Signs suggest 2nd virus outbreak; Internal document reveals CCP knew about virus long before public[28:12]
Wuhan residents reveal the truth as CCP celebrates victory against CCP virus. US challenges China[27:41]
Unusual animal behavior in China; Beijing like 'ghost town' amid coronavirus; Massive floods[20:17]
2nd round of lockdowns start in China; US Senate committee investigates origin of the CCP virus[18:07]
New lockdown imposed in China, second CCP virus (coronavirus) outbreak coming? | China in Focus[25:08]
Discharged CCP virus patients reinfected. Student disappears after calling Xi Jinping to step down[33:31]
Virus researcher dead in suspected murder; Leaked documents show coverup; Scholars warn 2nd outbreak[31:30]
Signs of 2nd CCP virus outbreak emerges; Documents reveal CCP knew about outbreak before the public[27:04]
France probes ties with Wuhan lab; missing citizen journalist reappears; virus follows CCP ties—UK[29:10]
China orders 200,000 body bags from Taiwan; Panic-buying erupts across China amid CCP virus pandemic[29:31]
3 types of the CCP virus are spreading; Chinese province plans to add 52,000 quarantine rooms[25:16]
Contradicting virus figure; Jilin residents barred from Beijing; US blacklists 32 Chinese companies[26:12]
100+ nations seek to probe virus origin; China promotes virus treatment w/ record of fatal reactions[27:48]
Wuhan's second virus outbreak causing panic; Military hospital shut down; US slams China-tied theft[30:59]
Virus lockdown after 2nd outbreak; TikTok star blocked for resembling Xi; CCP's influence in Harvard[26:59]
Countries rethink ties to China; US tightens visas for Chinese journalists; How China infiltrated UN[23:23]
Chinese media suggests shocking way to curb US; China vaccine scandals; Coronavirus follows CCP ties[31:41]
Armed police patrol 24/7 in Chinese city; China refuses investigation of virus origin[29:33]
Soldiers patrol local markets in China's province; Virus follows communist China ties: Canada[29:49]
Trump: US could seek billions from China over CCP virus; Interview reveals China's propaganda arm[31:32]

China requires colleges across the country to send their graduates to the west, the poor regions. This is considered a means to solve employment difficulties. A woman was deemed mentally insane for opposing Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. When she protested she was reportedly abducted by authorities. The Chinese communist regime is the greatest threat to the free world. This according to the top US intelligence official. And Attorney Lin Wood claims the Chinese regime bought Dominion for $400M. There is no direct proof of the claim. But public information does show ties between China, a Swiss bank, and Dominion.
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