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Bear's story: He was 15 years old and had spent his whole life living outside tethered to a tree and weighed down by a 35-pound chain. His previous owners had intended for him to serve them as a guard dog, and sadly in return for his service, they never allowed him to set one paw inside their home. It was a solitary life for this dog named Bear. But when neighbors saw that in the dead of winter year after year after year and in the heat of the summer, they called the local rescue organization. And they convinced her to surrender him.  I had just bought a new house. So many things had just happened in my life, going through a divorce, losing another dog who I'd had for 15 years, and I had just lost my mother. All of these things had made me so sad and depressed. The shelter put Bear on the news. And I loved him from the moment  I saw him parade around my TV screen. I was one of the hundreds of people who applied and I was the lucky one to get him as his new mommy. I didn't know if it was going to be three weeks, three months or three years. I thought I was setting myself up for great pain, great heartache, but I was blessed to have him for two more years.  And it was quite painful when he did pass away in May of 2019, but I wouldn't trade those years for anything. If you adopt a senior dog, then you're saving a life. They know that you've saved their life and they're just the best companions. They become your soulmate. He was my heart dog and we nicknamed him Goodest Bear. He was the Goodest Bear.  #SeniorDog #DogAdoption #DogLovers ******************************************* You Love Animal Videos? Subscribe To Us Here: https://bit.ly/3ak3rLX Watch Other Popular Videos: https://youtu.be/kKluWuX1lv0​ - Man pleads for help as rescue cat becomes obsessed with him https://youtu.be/5KorCydp9bU​ - Rescue kanga-dog insists on daily couch cuddles with dad https://youtu.be/YUBuxIC-bmA​ - After nearly losing his life, cat now won't stop talking https://youtu.be/r4yCqJlOvlg​ - Watch how duck reacts to kisses from man who rescued him ******************************************* About GeoBeats Animals GeoBeats is a US-based media company focused on telling inspiring animal stories about animals from around the world. Our goal is to make people fall in love with them and promote compassion and kindness. On our channel, we feature exciting animal videos. You can watch funny cat videos, funny dog videos, cat and dog videos, animal stories, rescue animal videos, adopted animal videos and a lot more.
Woman adopted senior dog that was chained for 15 yearsWoman adopted senior dog that was chained for 15 yearsWoman adopted senior dog that was chained for 15 yearsWoman adopted senior dog that was chained for 15 years
Woman adopted senior dog that was chained for 15 years