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Chain Whip. Check out these techniques, moves, spins, and shoot of the Traditional 9 Section Steel Supreme Chain Whip from Chinese Kung Fu. This Gong Fu Weapon is my favorite weapons of Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. The Chain Whip or Chainwhip is so unique and can be used to spin, capture, smack, hit, or shoot your opponent! Our Chain Whip DVD Download is NOW AVAILABLE at http://Subscriptions.Viddler.com/JakeMaceKungFu Chain Whip DVD: http://www.JakeMace.com Order the Tennis Ball u0026 Rope Practice Chain Whip Here: http://jakemace.com/kungfu/Buy_Weapons.html Order the Heavyweight Traditional Chain Whip that Jake Uses Here: http://jakemace.com/kungfu/Buy_Weapons.html Order a T-Shirt Here: http://jakemace.com/kungfu/T-Shirts_%26_More.html Check out my NEW VLOG Channel - Kung Fu u0026 Tai Chi Vlog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUZbj1qQjEHITgMvjar-AKQ ---------------- 1. Join Our Online Kung Fu u0026 Tai Chi School for $5: http://subscriptions.viddler.com/jakemacekungfu 2. Email Me at http://jakemace.com/kungfu/Email_Jake.html 3. Order Our
Chain Whip - AmazingChain Whip - AmazingChain Whip - AmazingChain Whip - Amazing
Chain Whip - Amazing