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In this scene from the 1962 film adaptation of Lolita Sue Lyon, the girl sexually abused by her stepfather (James Mason), lets him have it. She tells him that she does not want to go away with him, that she hates him and she shouts at him, “Oh yeah, well I’ve got news to you. I’m gonna do anything I want to anytime I want to with anybody I want to and you can’t stop me!” This is the first time she really stands up to him. Then a concerned neighbour arrives. This film has little to offer female viewers, and there are significant drawbacks. I do not own the rights to this video. It is for entertainment purposes only. The rights likely belong to MGM or Seven Arts Productions.
Lolita (1962) – An assertive momentLolita (1962) – An assertive momentLolita (1962) – An assertive momentLolita (1962) – An assertive moment
Lolita (1962) – An assertive moment